An anime-focused Discord bot

Michelle Logo

Michelle is a Discord bot designed to be very anime-centric. It includes a number of features helpful for an anime-based server, or just people who like anime, and without any extra bloat that it doesn't need.


  • Quotes - Generate a random quote from a database
  • Anime/Manga Search - Find information about a specific anime/manga
  • User Search - Find the profile and anime list of a specific user on Kitsu
  • Random Anime - Generate a completely random anime recommendation
  • Anime List Tracking - Add your anime lists to a database to make it easy for other users to find yours
  • Fanart - Display a random piece of fanart from Safebooru

Invite Michelle

If you want to add Michelle to your server, you can do so with this invite link. Alternatively, you can self host the bot.

Self-hosting Michelle

Michelle is completely open source, meaning you can self-host if you prefer. It's as easy an installing Node.js, downloading the repository, and running npm install from the command line. Once that's done, create your configuration file and run npm start to launch the bot. More detailed instructions are available here.