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Self-Hosting Michelle

Since Michelle's code is open source, it is possible to host a version of the bot yourself. This may be required in situations like testing pull-requests. However, do note that this is not an officially supported use of the bot. I will not provide full hosting instructions or provide support for self-hosted versions. I assume that if you would like to contribute or would like to host Michelle yourself, you have enough knowledge to figure out how to set it up yoruself.

If you would like to host Michelle yourself, below are the prerequisites you will need.

After you have these, you can clone the GitHub repository and run npm install in the repository directory. Fill in the config file and run npm start to run the bot.

The models for data in the MongoDB database may be found in the bot repository. Use there for adding your initial information to the database.

Once again, please note that self-hosting is not officially supported and no support will be provided for this use case.

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