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Michelle and its documentation site are a service provided by JacenBoy.com. By accessing this site, you agree to the privacy policy of both JacenBoy.com and this documentation site. For additional information, please see the JacenBoy.com Privacy Policy.

Michelle and its documentation site are a personal project of JacenBoy and JacenBoy.com, and, as such, is exempt from GDPR requirements. Despite this, we still attempt to comply with any reasonable privacy guidelines.


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How we protect your data

No personal data is collected by the Michelle documentation site or JacenBoy.com, and no personally identifying user data is stored on our servers. All the same, we use SSL encryption to protect the connection between you and our web servers to prevent any unauthorized third-parties from gaining access.

Updates to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may update at any time without warning. By continuing to access this site, you agree to the updated privacy policy.

Additional information

If you have any questions or other concerns about this privacy policy, you my contact the webmaster directly at james@jacenboy.com.

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