An anime-focused Discord bot


The default prefix for the bot is "/". All commands must begin with this prefix.

Command Category Usage Description
Help System help
help [command]
Get a link to this page, or get detailed help about a specific command.
Fund System fund Get information on how to support development and hosting of Michelle.
Ping System ping Tests the latency between the bot and Discord.
Stats System stats Get technical statistics about the bot.
Support System support Get support instructions for bug reports and feature requests.
Version System ver Get the current version number of the bot.
Quote Entertainment quote Generate a random quote from a database.
Clip Entertainment clip Generate a random anime video clip from a database.
Anime Kitsu anime [title] Get information about a specific anime from Kitsu.
Anime Search Kitsu as [title] Get the top ten results from Kistu for an anime title. Useful if m-anime doesn't get the correct result.
Manga Kitsu manga [title] Get information about a specific manga from Kitsu.
Manga Search Kitsu ms [title] Get the top ten results from Kistu for a manga title. Useful if m-manga doesn't get the correct result.
User Kitsu user [username] Get a Kitsu user's profile.
VN VNDB vn [title] Get information about a specific visual novel from VNDB.
VN Search VNDB vs [title] Get the top ten results from VNDB for a visual novel title. Useful if m-vn doesn't get the correct result.
List Anime list <MAL/Kitsu/AniList> [username]
list [@user]
Add your anime lists to a database to allow others to search for them, or get a list of another user's anime lists. MyAnimeList, Kitsu, and AniList are the currently supported lists. Run the command without specifying your username to remove that service from your profile.
Random Anime random <anime/manga/vn> Get information on a random anime, manga, or visual novel.
Booru Fanart booru [Tag 1, Tag 2,...] Gets a random piece of fanart from Safebooru. Tags are optional. Multiple tags can be searched and are comma separated. In NSFW chats, this command will search from Gelbooru instead.
Source Fanart sauce [image url] Find the original source of an image. Images are searched through SauceNAO.
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