An anime-focused Discord bot


2.2 - Sauce Pls (2019-03-28)
  • sagiri package added
  • m-source command added
  • Various code tweaks
2.1 - Michelle API (2019-03-22)
  • Intorduced improved Michelle API. The API is modular and endpoints can be added to the API folder
  • m-apireset command added
  • Additional API endpoints added
  • Tweaks made to API
  • Logger updated to log to file
  • Minor tweak to command loader
  • Package updates
2.0 - That Makes It Twice As Good, Right? (2019-02-27)
  • Permissions system rework. Permissions now use Discord permissions instead of roles
  • Major code tweaks
  • Command arguments are no longer required, and will be prompted for if necessary
  • reduced maximum synopsis length from 1024 characters to 512 characters
  • m-booru assumes -bikini and -underwear tags in SFW chats
  • Updated status page to return JSON response
  • Added additional error handling in the Kitsu commands to prevent crashes on downtime
  • Minor code tweaks
  • Kitsu commands temporarily disabled until Kitsu comes back online or a new API is implemented
  • mal-scraper package added
  • MAL code added. While ultimately unneeded, it will remain archived in case of a similar incident
  • Kitsu commands re-enabled
1.4 - A Random Update (2019-02-21)
  • m-random command added
  • Package updates
  • Changelog typo fixed
  • Error fixed in example config file
  • Added message at beginning of m-random to let user know something is happening
  • package.js update to lastest stable version of node and npm
  • Added extra wait between retries of m-random to try to prevent an accidental DDoS
  • is-image-url package added
  • xmlhttprequest package added
  • Tokens added to example config file
  • Function added to send stats to DiscordBotList.com
  • Various code tweaks
  • Fixed typo in m-version command
  • Replaced m-help with link to support site
  • Minor code tweaks
  • m-say command added
  • Move changelog link to support site
1.3 - Updatebooru (2019-02-06)
    m-booru command added booru wrapper added Various package upgrades Various styling fixes
    Added more useful title link for m-booru results Comma separated tags instead of space separated
    m-version command added m-stats reopened for use by all users Fixed issue #38: underscores not properly added
    Added status page for third-party services to check uptime Tweaked randInt function
1.2 - The Great List-ening (2019-01-23)
    m-list command added
    Added error for missing Romaji titles in m-mangasearch Added randInt function package-lock.json updates
    Fixed issue #15: Missing romaji titles
1.1 - Logging Update (2019-01-23)
    m-support command added Added logging to various commands to assist with debugging and troubleshooting Edited example config.js for streamlining Various style and consistency tweaks
    Changed format of changelog to be more friendly towards patch releases Fixed issue #21: Support command not sending message
    Fixed issue #23: Unhandled rejection on blank search
1.0 - Initial Release (2019-01-22)
    m-anime command added m-manga command added m-animesearch command added m-mangasearch command added m-user command added m-quote command added node-kitsu wrapper added Replaced permissions error with a more compact emoji Various style and consistency tweaks
0.1 - Development Begins (2019-01-21)
    Guide Bot base code added Moved various commands to "System" category from "Miscelaneous" Edited output of various commands to be a more professional format Edited help information of various commands to be a more professional format Changed m-reboot to return exit code 0 instead of 1 Various other minor tweaks Removed m-set Removed welcome messages Removed setting bot status